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Hiring Exceptional Learning Engineers 


Our team has selected 30 exceptional undergrad CS students to help them become future learning engineers. We’re looking for organizations to host these fellows for 10 weeks. The program covers a competitive stipend. Organizations assign fellows a significant project and offer informal coaching throughout the placement.


UC Berkeley's Education Data Science and Learning Engineering Undergraduate Fellowship has selected 30 undergrad CS students from around the world to become future learning engineers. The goal of the internship is to engage these fellows with the latest research and applications and gain hands-on working experience in the field.  The program is supported by Professor Zachary Pardos' Computational Approaches to Human Learning Lab and Schmidt Futures.


The fellows can work for an organization part-time during the spring or full-time in the summer for around 10 weeks (flexible). They are looking for roles at the intersection of learning sciences and computer/data sciences and ideally work alongside an experienced professional as mentor. 


The program provides fellows with a competitive stipend.

Why participate

For organizations, the fellows are a unique opportunity. Organizations will

  • Hire and increase brand awareness among exceptional CS talents who are passionate about Learning Engineering. 

  • Gain exceptional talent. These fellows are selected based on their aptitude and motivation to create impact in education. A snapshot of of fellow demographics:

    • 80% of fellows are from top universities like Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley.

    • 90% of fellows are pursuing CS or CS-related degrees, most have plans to pursue a career in edtech industry/academia

    • 40% of fellows are female, 20% non-Asian, non-White (higher than Tech industry average)

  • Provide coaching and mentoring. Offer real-time coaching throughout the placement on the project and engage the fellow in mentoring conversations about their career goals.

Next step

 For more on the placement program see here. If your organization is interested, please fill out this form and we will reach out to you within 3 business days. If we think your internship opportunities and projects are a good fit, we will share these with fellows and they will reach out to you individually. It is your decision to choose who  and how many to accept. Once the hiring decision is made, our team will work through the stipend reimbursement process with you.

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